Kaiser Hospital Replacement Medical Center, Oakland, CA, for McCarthy Building Companies

Kaiser Oakland Replacement Medical Center ProjectsThe Kaiser Oakland Replacement Medical Center is a one million sqft project in Oakland, California that includes building a new hospital, a Central Utility Plant and a Specialized Medical Office Building. The project was designed by NBBJ in Seattle, Washington with Design Assist trade contractors. TRG was retained on the project in August, 2010 to help establish reverse pull planning capability. Our contract was expanded to meetings and facilitation management in September 2010. Dan Fauchier has been on this project almost every week for over two years. Productivity increases on the project were evident by September 2010 and have continued throughout the project. 
Work Sessions include:

  • Last Planner® System training and coaching and Pull Planning (construction & design assist)
  • Integrating Last Planner® with BIM, VICO Line of Balance and P6 Scheduling
  • Meetings Management (“Meetings Revolution”)
  • Managing a software development and implementation process utilizing Elation Systems which integrates a Commitment/Action Tracking Log, Meeting Minutes and Google-like scheduling calendar
  • Facilitator Training and Coaching
  • Meeting Scribe Training and Coaching
  • Root Cause Analysis & Countermeasures
  • 5 Why
  • Forming, managing and facilitating cross-organizational Core Teams
  • Team ReAlignment