Alignment Partnering

TRG developed Alignment Partnering™ (construction partnering) and Project Realignment™ (dispute resolution) to break down company silos, create horizontal competence teams, unify disparate groups within various organizations and concentrate the team on the Project First philosophy. TRG is the only partnering facilitation company actively engaged in lean partnering and bringing lean construction principles for innovative project delivery to the partnering session.  We specialize in partnering lean, integrated project delivery, design/build, CM at Risk, GMP, Hard Bid Build and all other types of construction projects. 


Successful projects result from committed and dedicated professionals working on interesting and important projects with efficient systems, proper resources and high energy.  Every project encounters difficulties; successful projects overcome such obstacles, anticipate and take advantage of opportunities and take proactive steps to limit foreseeable risks. Alignment Partnering provides focus on the tasks at hand, forecasts risks and opportunities, manages systems, encourages professionalism and collaboration, and deals with inevitable conflicts. It also assists organizations in delegating necessary authority, promoting leadership, developing appropriate feedback systems and anticipating and invoking necessary team expansion or team changes. Alignment Partnering drives participants to Third Level Thinking or Project First Thinking. The object of Project First Thinking is to allow people to focus on what is best for the project. (See: Approach to Partnering)