Brian Watkinson

Brian WatkinsonBrian Watkinson is an Associate with The Realignment Group and Principal of Strategies 4 Impact!, a professional service firm in Ontario, Canada that provides valued strategic advice and support to businesses in the design and construction sector, their clients and their associations.

Brian is leading the Realignment Group's effort to help Canadian public and private owners, contractors, designers and trade partners understand and implement lean design and construction principles, including assisting in the coaching and development of robust Integrated Project Delivery teams.

Brian is an architect who led a very successful 20 person practice in Niagara Falls, Ontario in the 1980's. In 1991 he accepted an invitation to join the staff of the Ontario Association of Architects and in 1995 was named its Executive Director. In that role he advised the governing Council and was responsible for building strategic relationships with other industry organizations and government relations. He left the association in 2006 to launch Strategies 4 Impact!

Brian invests much of his time tracking the trends that are transforming the construction industry and advising clients in the design and construction sector on how they can profit from those trends. Things like new delivery models such as public-private partnerships and Lean Integrated Project Delivery; the impact of government policy on the industry; shifts in population demographics; Building Information Modeling; and, of course, climate change and sustainable design.